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The Castle of Adršpach

The ruin of the eponymous castle is situated on the northern edge of the Teplice-Adršpach Rock Town. Since the castle was pulled down more than half a millennium ago, construction remnants are difficult to locate. Only grooves carved in the sandstone that supported the wooden buildings of the castle are nowadays distinct. Further, parts of the fortification walls and circumference walls have been preserved. Well and cellar remains can also be detected in the area as well as a double wall and a ditch that are located in the terrain in front of the ruin of the castle. Despite the fact that written documents mentioning the construction of the castle are missing, it is generally agreed that the castle was built between 1320 and 1330 by king John of Luxemburg. The castle was meant to maintain the king's position in the borderlands. Other mentions of the castle are scarce - the castle is for the first time referred to in Majestas Carolina; in 1354 it is mentioned in a connection with Hanuš of Adršpach; in 1381 the castle belonged to Hynek of Náchod whose offspring sided with the Catholics during the Husite wars and therefore the castle was seized by the Husites in 1430 and controlled by Jan Krušina of Lichtemburk. In 1436 the castle was passed onto the Lords of Dubá. The downfall of the castle occurred in 1447 after forays against the Silesians failed. The Silesians bought the castle and then had it destroyed.

The Castle of Adršpach is open to public and can be easily accessed via the local red and yellow walking trails from the tourist crossroads Dolní Adršpach - Pod hradem. The ruin is about 1.5 kms far from the crossroads and is situated by the Starozámeckũ Peak.

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