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Broumov Monastery

Broumov Monastery, a national monument, was established together with the provostry on the Broumov castle by the Benedictines prior to 1322. At that time, the Broumov region had, for more than a century, been the property of the Břevnov Benedictines. Broumov was promoted to become a royal town in 1348 and its significance was growing. Following a partial destruction of the original monastery and church in 1420, the construction of a new complex was begun. The monastery received its unique baroque face and architectonic value when Tomáš Sartorius and Otmar Zink were abbots between 1650s and 1750s. The greatest contribution to the renewal of the monastery was made by the architect Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer and his father Kryštof Dientzenhofer. Martin Allio also helped to shape the unique structure. The time of the communist dictatorship between 1948 and 1989 meant a grim period for the monastery. Its buildings decayed and especially the monastery library was irreversibly damaged. Numerous reconstructions have been carried out lately. All visitors thus can fully enjoy the beauty of the baroque architecture and the unique genius loci once again.
Broumov Monastery

St. Adalbert Monastery Church

Originally, a triple-nave gothic monastery church with a pentagonal presbytery. A baroque reconstruction changed the church onto a single-nave church with three lateral chapels. The church is an integral part of the monastery complex. The church vault features lunettes with rich figuration and stucco decoration by the Soldait Brothers and frescoes by J.J. Steinfels. The altar painting of St. Adalbert by V.V. Reiner and the statue of Madonna by J. Brokof are features not to be overlooked by visitors

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