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Cross of Reconciliation, Beech Mountain (Buková hora)

The cross of reconciliation was consecrated on September 15, 2002 to commemorate the group of 23 people who were shot here to death on June 30, 1945. The cross of reconciliation symbolizes reconciliation between former enemy states. The site can be accessed via the yellow tourist trail leading from Zdoňov to Buková hora. A green tourist trail turns to the Cross of Reconciliation from the yellow trail and leads to a small forest quarry - the site of the tragic killings. A round stele and a walkway in the shape of a cross are here to remind the visitors of the tragedy. The walkway is beaded with 23 rough-finished stones, each representing one of the 23 victims. There is a beautiful view of the landscape from the site. The author of the monument is sculptor and mason Petr Honzátko.

Broumov Monastery

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