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Hvýzda - Chapel of Virgin Mary

A baroque chapel of Virgin Mary on the Hvýzda (Star) peak in the Broumov Walls nearby the village of Hlav˛ov was built in 1732-1733 according to plans of Kilißn Ignßc Dientzenhofer. The ground plan of the chapel has the shape of a five-point star. The interior ground plan is that of a circle with half-circle alcoves in each point of the five-point star. The chapel is accessible via a stone bridge and a few steps. There is a balcony corridor adjacent to the chapel that offers a great view of the Broumov basin and the Javo°Ý Mountains.

Hvýzda can be accessed from Hlav˛ov via the local red or blue tourist trail. The elevation difference is about 300 meters. Another option is a climb from K°inice via a red tourist trail or an ascend from Pýkov or Hony via yellow walking trail. There is an Alpine-style tourist lodge on the top of the Hvýzda (674 meters above sea level) that was built by Abbot J.N. Rotter in 1856. The lodge is open all year round.


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