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Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny)

The Broumov Walls National Nature Reserve was declared in 1956 and covers a 12-km mountain ridge between Police nad Metují and Broumov. The rock walls dip steeply towards the Broumov basin and slope down gradually towards Police nad Metují.

The Broumov Walls are formed by individual rock towns, rock towers, deep gorges and mushroom-shaped rock formations. The upper level of the Broumov Walls is formed by a rocky terrain that provides tourists with numerous look-outs; the most beautiful ones are Hvězda (Star), Supí koš (Vulture's Basket), Modrý kámen (Blue Rock), Kovářská rokle (Smith's Gorge), Zaječí rokle (Rabbit Gorge) or Junácká vyhlídka (Scouts' Look-out) near the Božanovský Špičák Mountain which is the highest peak in the Broumov Walls (773 meters above sea level). In the area there are a number of distinct towers, such as Lucifer (Devil), Kočka (Cat), Kačenka (Duck) or Sova (Owl). Besides rock towers, also caves, gates and mushroom-shaped rock formations are to be found here. Some of the local, cold pseudokarst caves can hold ice until July. The entire Broumov Walls ridge is easy to navigate as there is a dense network of tourist walking trails, some of which lead to more distant destinations such as Malá and Velká Kupa. The Broumov Walls are popular with cross country skiers and rock climbers. More attractive rock climbing terrains are, however, situated in the neighboring rock towns (Adršpach-Teplice Rock Towns, Jirásek's Rocks, Ostaš).

Broumovske steny

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