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Rock climbing

Rules and regulations for rock climbing on the sandstone rocks in the Broumov region:
Adršpach Rocks (Adršpašské skály)
Rock climbing is allowed from July 1 to November 30 in most parts of the area. Climbing is allowed in Město, Milenecká hora, Ostrov and the entrance area from May 1. There are no limitations for rock climbing in the Křížový vrch (Peak of the Cross) area, except for the ridge where climbing is allowed only from April 1 to September 31.

Teplice Rocks (Teplické skály)
In the following areas there are no limitations for climbing: Černá rokle (Black Gorge), Lysý vrch (Bare Peak), Nový svět (New World), Ostruha (Spur), Teplické údolí (Teplice Valley) and Vlčí rokle (Wolf Gorge).
The most attractive areas of Skalní náměstí (Rock Square), Chrámové náměstí (Temple Square) and Supí skály (Vultures'Rocks) are open to climbers from July 1 to November 30. Climbing in the Bišík (Bischofstein), Amphitheater and Bašta areas is allowed from May 1 to November 30. Entrance and climbing in some areas may be temporarily restricted due to nature conservation programs.

Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny)
Most areas are open to rock climbers from July 1 to September 31, Machov and Slavný areas open on May 1. There are no limitations for rock climbing in the area that has been labeled as 'Velká plošina' (Large Plateau).

Ostaš Mountain (Ostaš)
No limitations for rock climbing all year round.

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