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Jirásek's Rocks (Jiráskovy skály) - Bischofstein

Which way to the rocks:
Jirásek's Rocks (Jiráskovy skály) - Bišík can be reached either by taking a tourist trail from Teplice Rocks or Adršpach. A steep winding road leads from Teplice nad Metují and is fine for a car ride as well as a bike trip.

Rock town:
On the hill that can be identified by locating the rock called Bishop (Biskup), there are two groups of rock formations separated by the local road and a small baroque chateau. The first group is concentrated above the Black Lake around the former castle of Skály where there now is a look-out with a view of the Ostaš Mountain and the town of Police nad Metují. The other group is situated around the Čáp peak (786 meters above sea level), which is the highest point in the area. A scenic trail connects Jirásek's Rocks (Jiráskovy skály) and Teplice Rock Town.

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