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Adršpach, Teplice and Broumov RegionsThe natural wonders of the Broumov region are especially represented by the beauty of the sandstone rock towns. Adršpach Rock Town and Broumov Walls are the most popular ones. Although smaller yet interesting, Jirásek's Rocks (Jiráskovy skály), Ostaš and the Peak of the Cross (Křížový vrch) are a must as well. The Broumov region is closely related to the Polish border region that features many other attractive places such as Table Mountains (Gory Stolowe) or Owl Mountains (Soví hory). The border into Poland can be crossed anywhere as the Czech Republic and Poland are members of the Schengen Treaty region.

Tourist trails:
- Marked tourist trails lead from Bišík to Teplice Rock Town and continue on to Adršpach.
- Trails in the opposite direction take tourists to the Ostaš Mountain and the Hvězda peak.
- There is a dense network of bike routes around the whole of the Teplice-Adršpach Rocks.

Adršpach - Teplice Rock Town

Adršpach Rock Town is situated within the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks National Nature Reserve and belongs among the most popular and most frequently visited rock towns in the Broumov region.

Sand Quarry (Pískovna)

A former sand quarry near the adjoining entrance into the Adršpach Rocks
Peak of the Cross (Křížový vrch)
An opposing hill with the Stations of the Cross and a great look-out is located outside the paid self-guided tour. Rock climbers rather than tourists visit the site that can be easily accessed from the tourist walking trail leasing from Adršpach to Zdoňov.

Beech Mountain (Buková hora)

A cross of reconciliation; newly erected monument on the Czech-Polish border to commemorate the victims of repressions that followed immediately after World War II.


A village on the other side of the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks complex with a train station and a starting point of tourist walking trails.

Bischofstein - The Skály Castle (Bischofstein - Skály)

A rock town with the Skály Castle on a steep hill overlooking Teplice is a peaceful area within the Jirásek's Rocks complex with the Čáp look-out and a starting point of tourist walking trails leading to many directions including the Adršpach and Teplice Rock Towns.

Teplice nad Metují

A town named after the warm springs on the Metuje River that do not freeze in the winter. It is located 2 kms away from the entrance into the Teplice Rock Town.


An area adjacent to the Teplice Rocks, accessible either by train from the stop in Teplice nad Metují or by car.

Anna's valley (Anenské údolí)

A part of the walking trail loop in the Teplice Rocks or a passage from Janovice/Bišík to the Teplice Rock Town.

Wolf Gorge (Vlčí rokle)

A gorge connecting the Adršpach and Teplice Rocks featuring a tourist walking trail about 4 kms long.

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