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Javoří Mountains (Javoří hory)

The Czech-Polish border runs on the ridge of the Javoří Mountains whose 25 steep peaks form a reliable marker of the outermost corner of the Broumov region. The Javoří Mountains rim the Czech-Polish border continuously from Otovice, Czech Republic to Mieroszow, Poland. The westernmost part of the mountains lies, however, beyond the marked tourist trails. Part of the Javoří Mountains tourist trail between ©onov and Janovičky is a mountain bike-friendly terrain (bike route number 4002). The tourist trail on the ridge features a number of places with scenic view of both Czech and Polish landscape, such as the look-out on the ©iroký (840 meters above sea level), Jelení (751 meters above sea level) or Jedlový peaks (734 meters above sea level).

Ruprechtický ąpičák - a view from the West
The highest peak on the Czech side is Ruprechtický ąpičák (881 meters above sea level) with a telecommunications tower on the top that also serves as a tourist observation tower. When the sky is clear, one can see the eastern part of the Giant Mountains, Eagle Mountains and the Polish Hejąovina. There are no other facilities in the area, however. Bike route number 4148 from Hynčice and Meziměstí ends on Ruprechtický ąpičák. Janovičky is a small ski resort near Heřmánkovice.

©onov Volcano (©onovská sopka)
Near ©onov, on the slope of the Homole (648 meters above sea level), one may come and see a local point of interest - ©onov Volcano. It is not a volcano, although the phenomenon is called that name. In reality, it is a sort of a vent that emits air from a large system of underground fissures. Winter months, when the temperature falls below 0 degree Celsius, are the best time for a visit. The air rising from the underground fissures is lighter and warmer than the air above the ground. One can thus see steam rising from the fissures and rime frost on the surrounding trees. In the summer, the cold underground air descends deeper and may create ice holes. There is no tourist walking trail leading directly to the ©onov Volcano, yet one can follow the local 9-km nature trail that starts at the bus stop by the St. Margaret Church in ©onov.

Javori hory

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